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Professional Face painting and workshops
Professional Face painting and workshops

Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoo's are extremely popular at any event, for both adults and children, (over the age of 5).  They are great fun, but without any of the pain!

Arm band tattooWe provide both Glitter or Ink Tattoos. All materials used are approved to EU and FDA cosmetic standards.

The ink tattoos last on average 2-5 days and the glitter tattoos 2 - 7 days. They last longer on dry skin rather than oily skin, and last better where clothing does not rub the tattoo.

With both the ink and glitter tattoos you can shower or swim in swimming pools or the sea, so long as you don’t rub them, and just pat to dry.
For easy removal of tattoos use baby oil or an alcohol wipe.

If you would like something a bit different for a special occasion we can enhance your existing permanent tattoos with glitter. Also with enough notice a bespoke stencil can be made to your own specifications, for example your company logo.





Metamorfaces would like to thank all children, adults and parents who have allowed me to display photos on this web site.


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Rose temporary tattooDragon temporary tattooButterfly temporary tattoo

Horse temporary tattooChinese lettering tattooDragonfly temporary tattoo

Rose tattooArm band tattooFairy temporary tattoo


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